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PS3 vs XBOX360

2009-12-06 19:17:19 by Genesis15

jus a friendly debate on which you newgrounds fans feel is better xbox360 or ps3 results will be displayed on january 15th thanks and happy voting or whatever lol. hbUw :D:D:D:D:D like THE best song ever

here is a picture a friend made for me and its awsome :D

Thanks to NGgangsterpimp for the pic :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D looks great bro btw 69! :D

Starting jan. 15th i will be on a new account so this one will be worthless P.M. me for the new one

if you ever think about trying to run from the cops people think twice about what can happen trust me about this one

PS3 vs XBOX360


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2009-12-07 18:09:13

360 FOR THE WIN MAN its got better games and everything, only downer is online costs money. ps3 aint got shit other that VERY few good games.

Genesis15 responds:

thanks for the vote


2009-12-07 18:50:34

Xbox 360 ftw!

Genesis15 responds:

thanks for the vote


2009-12-07 19:10:06

I dunno, PS3 seems like a terrible console for me. Not because I'm a fanboy or anything, I mean I'd buy other Playstation products, just not the PS3. Plus the 360's online is so much better.

Genesis15 responds:

thanks for voteing


2009-12-11 11:01:37

Xbox 360,ok now add that the the votes:D

Genesis15 responds:

Thanks for voting


2009-12-21 18:07:56